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Made by humans
for special humans
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Engineering for learning
Every day we explore and develope technological solutions for disabilities.

Garage94 deals with the design and development of applications, software and hardware to improve the learning and life quality of all people with special needs, from very young children to who starting at the 4th age.



LIAR is a communicator developed for people with speech disorder, it used for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (CAA).

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Web platform for clinic and research center.

IISCA is acronym of Interview-Informed Synthesized Contingency Analysis. An assessment tool for analyzing behavior in autism.

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Sign community

Insegnami App was born from the need to create a community for teachers, parents and therapists, with the aim of providing a review of simplified signs for children with Autism or other Neuro-Developmental Disorder.

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Platform of cognitive training

Astras is a software intended for the evaluation and enhancement of executive functions in children with
Specific Learning Disorders and Special Educational Needs.

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Our learning courses have the mission of promoting knowledge of tools destinated to people with autism.

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